The year 2019 is behind us and the new 2020 is still young. The year of the Pig is slowly flowing away and the year of the Rat is coming with good perspectives and promises. Isn’t this a perfect moment to make a summary of the last year?!


Once Upon a Chaos

The highlight of my work in theater was the performance Once Upon a Chaos, based on Zhuangzi and other traditional Chinese stories I wrote and directed in Xi’an in September. It was very successful cooperation with Shaanxi Zhongbeiyuan Children’s Art Theatre that opened a new perspectives for the development of theatre for Children in Xian. The premiere took place within the framework of The 6th Silk Road International Arts Festival, major cultural manifestation in Xi’an. I will write more about the performance in the upcoming articles because it opened lot of themes and questions on creating Theater for Children and Young People in China. Read more here

Palle Alone in the World

My long lived performance continues living in China. Children in Xi’an, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen… had a chance to enjoy the performance. Special place for Palle is built in Zhuhai where the performance was presented within the first Hundred Isles Theater Festival — 百岛儿童戏剧节. I am very proud on the position of the Artistic Director of the festival, and I am happy to announce the second edition of the festival in May 2020. Follow this Blog and find out more about the festival in the upcoming articles.

Story of a Cloud

Zhuhai also opened the sky for the Story of a Cloud, performance for kindergarten children and became its home. The new black box Hundred Island Theater — 百岛剧场 was opened with it and the performance will continue performing in this beautiful new venue, but also in the local kindergartens throughout the year.

Drama Education Program

A Play is Play

The paradigm of dramatic education that is based on playing and instinctive acting that I continuously teach in my School of Humanitarian Studies at Xi’an Eurasia University for the students of all departments is more and more recognized and accepted also among the artists and drama teachers and practitioners throughout China and abroad.

In Zhuhai, a seminar A Play is Play that I held in December 2019, became a foundation of the program for a new Zhuhai Hundred Islands College — 百岛学院. I am looking forward to continuous education of the teachers in Zhuhai and around China in 2020 and building up a curriculum for a genuine Chinese Drama Paradigm.

Seminar and workshop for the National Theater of China in Beijing

The seminar and workshop for the professional actors and stuff of the National Theater of China in Beijing organized by Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center and its Art Education Department for Specific Operation was the highlight of my educational work in 2019.


International work

Nonverbal Theater workshop — Ricca Ricca Festa, Okinawa, Japan

In the framework of Ricca Ricca Festa , festival for children held in Okinawa, Japan in July 2019 I held a workshop for Japanese professional actors on Nonverbal Theater.

On January 18, in Seoul, Korea in the framework of ASSITEJ Korea Winter Festival the workshop for Korean drama teachers on Improvisation was held with a big interest of Korean Drama practitioners.

Ivica Theatre Studio Blog

The Blog Ivica Theatre Studio, in which I was discussing different themes and topics on Drama and Theatre was continuously published in the first half of the year. Unfortunately, due to some organizational problems, I had to temporarily stop writing last September. After almost five months of silence (the last article I published on September 4, 2019), I am happy to be with you again, now on the new address. I certainly hope you will continue following this blog and be regularly updated with the news from the world of theater, drama education, playing, storytelling and much more.

Apart from the themes from Theater and Drama, in 2020 I want to pay more attention on parenting and raising of children in China. Maybe this Blog can help all young parents to understand their children better and provide them with the foundations for more imaginative, creative, more playful and thus happier childhood.

Follow my blog, discuss different topics on children drama and art education with me and be updated with the news from Theater for Children and Dramatic Education from all around the world.

If you would like to read my old articles on Ivica Theater Studio you can find them here.


At the end, let me wish you all


with a wish to continue communicating and sharing the ideas for the sake of the development of theater art and drama education in China and for the benefit of our children and their future.

Yours Lao Yi

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