Take a Child to the Theatre This Weekend!

March 20 is a very special day — it is World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People! Every year since 2001, on March 20, all the theatre artists and practitioners, theatre companies, theatre lovers and all who are in any way connected to Theatre for Young Audiences celebrate this day. It was established…Read more »

Parents, what are you doing to your children!?

On WeChat one can find many interesting things that tells us a lot about the trends that are present in the society. Recently, in one of the groups, the following message appeared: I read this several times to be sure that I didn’t miss something. Tutor a 15 months baby, Looking for an English teacher…Read more »

Bring storytelling back to children’s life!

As a young boy I lived in Zagreb, Croatia, in a part of the town with big apartment buildings. In between two buildings there was a park in which we, children, were playing freely and securely. That was our magic realm in which we were becoming Indians and cowboys, space travelers, thieves and policemen, different…Read more »


The way of life enforced during the pandemic of Corona-19 virus with quarantine, self-isolation, social distancing, excessive usage of computers and gadgets including online learning and teaching etc. intensified addiction of children to IT and accelerated the process of change of the paradigm of childhood itself.  The Paradigms of Childhood In the history of humans,…Read more »