The way of life enforced during the pandemic of Corona-19 virus with quarantine, self-isolation, social distancing, excessive usage of computers and gadgets including online learning and teaching etc. intensified addiction of children to IT and accelerated the process of change of the paradigm of childhood itself.  The Paradigms of Childhood In the history of humans,…Read more »

“Live without pretending, Love without depending, Listen without defending, Speak without offending.”

Recently I came across these words that I have already heard before but they somehow disappeared from my memory. Now they caught my attention. Is it because of my present occupation with thinking about the future life and human relationships after this pandemic time is over (that I wrote about in my last post)? Is…Read more »

World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People 2020

Today, March 20, we are celebrating The World Day of Theater for Children!  Artists and theaters for children around the globe usually spend this special day in theaters with their audience, performing and celebrating theatre art for children together. The World Day was established and is maintained by ASSITEJ, a global association of theaters for…Read more »

“How can I play? Where and when can I play?”

Recently I was performing my solo storytelling performance “Palle Alone In the World” in Beijing. I have made this performance many years ago and I performed it more than 2000 times in many different countries and in different languages. All around the world children react on the performance in the same way — with laughter,…Read more »

The World Day of Theater for Children 2019

Every year on March 20, all the artists, theater practitioners, children and everybody who love children’s theater celebrate The World Day of Theater for young audiences! Each year ASSITEJ Centres and Networks, theaters for children and artists around the globe, deliver activities ranging from conferences, performances, workshops and special media events in order not only…Read more »

Children need stories, stories need storytellers!

In the time of visual communications and artificial intelligence that is sucking the imagination out from the mind of our children, we, professionals in the field, have a fundamental mission and task to reaffirm the importance of the spoken word and stories and build up the environment for rebirth of storytelling. We must urgently educate…Read more »